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Large Custom Clocks

Marker & Silhouette Clocks

This type of clock uses no clock face instead uses a marker, or silhouette, to show a clock without the presence of a clock face.  With your surface as the backdrop, install numerals (markers) cut from steel, aluminum, or RF transparent material onto the wall surface to allow for installation of cellular phone antennas within the tower.

RF Transparent clock

Our RF transparent clocks are used where cellular phone antennas need to be hidden within a wall or tower.  Our systems enables the signal from the antenna to go through the dial face and the hands without  interference.  These clocks bring an artistic touch to a cellular phone antenna tower.

Halo Lit Marker Clocks

Also known as LED illuminated markers,  the clocks’ numerals and hands are illuminated from behind to cast a light onto a surface to outline the clock face.  At night it gives your clock a distinct halo effect by allowing the light to reflect off of your wall surface as opposed to being shown on the surface of the markers themselves.  The effect is more discreet and elegant then surface mounted lights.  You can choose the standard white color for your lights, red, green, blue, amber, and RGB LED lights which can change colors on demand or cycle through programs.  Our energy efficient LED lights are able to turn on in extreme cold without discoloring unlike that of florescent or neon lights.  Servicing of these LED lights is also a fraction of the cost in comparison to neon lit clocks.

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