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Clock Restoration & Repair Services

Clock Restoration & Repair Services

Clock Restoration

Americlock can restore your historical mechanical tower clock and  clock components to the tower clock’s original factory condition. Notable restorations that we have completed include Seth Thomas Clocks, Howard Clocks, tower clocks, and three legged gravity escapement clocks.  Restoration is usually needed when a clock has deteriorated due to time, wear or is no longer operational due to mechanical complications.  Americlock offers over sixty years of experience in mechanical clocks restorations.

Our most celebrated project was the restoration of the oldest mechanical clock in the United States at St. Michael’s church in Charleston, South Carolina. This clock was ordered in 1765 and delivered to the church in 1768We specialize in the automatic rewinding of the weights, which eliminates the weekly manual winding of the clocks by a timekeeper.

Our automatic rewind system is unique because it is the only system that does not permanently alter the historical accuracy of the clock and it does not put unnecessary wear and tear on your mechanical clock. Our revolutionary pendulum correction system will automatically start and stop the pendulum to ensure accurate time keeping. Due to temperature changes mechanical clock mechanics expand and contract changing the accuracy of the time kept. Our system overcomes these factors with a non-intrusive approach.

Clock Repair

With some clocks it’s often difficult to track down the original supplier when repair work is necessary. Americlock can determine what is needed and supply the solution to get your clock or bell systems running perfectly again.

Clock Maintenance

Any clock mechanism (electrical or mechanical), needs to be looked after and cared for in order to perform with ease and accuracy, and to improve its longevity. We would be pleased to give an estimate for the upkeep and maintenance of your clock to ensure its continued accurate service, function, and beauty in your community.

Bell Restoration

Americlock can restore and repair your bells to their original condition. Our craftsmen can expertly determine what the best methods to recapture their original beauty, sound and character of your bells.

Insurance Appraisals

As experienced appraisers of monumental clocks, street clocks, mechanical clocks, bells, and windvanes we can estimate the value for either repair or replacement costs for insurance purposes. Americlock can perform the appraisal on site or use technical details and photos.

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