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Clock Restoration & Repair Services

Tower Clock Repair

Old clock tower clock repair in progress on a historic church clock face by an onsite technician suspended in the air
Tower clock repair on old church clock face by an onsite Americlock technician

Tower Clock Repair & Church Clock Repair

We offer a wide range of repair options for clocks such as tower clocks, church clocks, wall clocks, other very large clocks, and bell systems. It can be difficult to track down a clock’s original manufacturer when repair work is necessary but Americlock can determine what is needed and supply the solution to get your tower clock repaired or your bell system running smoothly again.

Tower Clock Repair

Americlock can repair your tower clock by providing parts or new systems for your clock dial, hands, motors, control systems, and more. Older clock towers have often been worked on by a number of local clock services or watchmakers without much in the way of meaningful documentation. In some cases they may have been hit by lightening or subject to extremely adverse environmental conditions over many years as is often the case in the northern latitudes. Contact us today with your questions and we can help!

Fixing Church Clocks

Let us help you fix your church clock and bells by providing fast, cost effective solutions for every need and requirement. From a small parish to a large congregation, we can provide answers for all your church clock repair needs.  Even if your clock is decades or centuries old, suspended ten or one hundred feet off the ground, we can work with it regardless of manufacturer or original installation date.  Instead of replacing your clock, consider our church clock restoration services to retain the historical value of your installation.

Retrofitting Clocks

Do you have an old clock system that no longer works? Contact us and let us see what we can do for you to get your clock working again by keeping the faces the same and replacing the motor (or in some cases the hands as well).  On occasion parts are still available and in instances of specialty dial pieces that are no longer produced, we can reproduce and machine specific components.  Retrofitting large clocks is one way to reduce costs compared to the outlay associated with building and installing a new custom clock in a tower.

Fixing Or Repairing Tower Clocks By Any Manufacturers

Americlock can repair the control mechanisms, motors, and even the faces as well as the hands of a wide variety of other tower clock manufacturers (both existing today and even from companies that have long since disappeared) .

When your time is off or just not working, our services can help you with any clock company, no matter how old including:

  • Repairing Electric Time clocks
  • Fixing Verdin clock systems
  • Change or repair Chime-master
  • Fix Christoph Paccard clocks
  • Updating, maintaining or replacing Chime Master, Smith of Derby, Canterbury, and National Time and Signal clocks

For a more complete list of clock companies and manufactures whose clock tower products we can repair, give us a call or contact us and we’ll assist you in identifying what you have and what your repair options are.  Let’s get your Electric Time or Verdin clock back up and running again!

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