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Design Your Own Custom Clock Dial Online

Design Your Own Custom Clock Dial Online

With every wall clock that we build, you benefit from:

  • Design to concept to development services
  • Fast manufacturing and delivery
  • Experienced craftsmanship
  • Tested materials and technology
  • National and international installation options

Select from our most popular custom dial designs right now by clicking on a dial, choosing a style for your hands, or even selecting a marker-only clock face. 

Your custom made clock configuration can be installed in towers, as a canister (drum) clock, projecting from a building, or in any custom wall clocks and cupola clock configuration. Americlock can also create the perfect custom clock for your custom requirements with your logo, emblem, or custom text to add a more personalized feel to your options.

Designing your custom clock dial with a variety of traditional as well as modern  faces right online is easy using our configuration tool however if you don’t see the design you are looking for or have something else in mind, call us (800) 666-1221!

Your Selections

Based on your selections, your design model numbers are:

Dial: A-1
Hands: Model A

Know Your design's Model Numbers?

If so, select your dial and hand model numbers below:

Dials With
  • A-1
  • A-2
  • A-3
  • A-4
  • A-5
  • A-6
  • M-1
  • M-2
  • M-3
  • M-4
  • R-1
  • R-2
  • R-3
  • R-4
  • R-5
  • R-6
  • R-7
  • R-8
  • R-9
  • R-10
  • R-11
  • Model A
  • Model B
  • Model C
  • Model D
  • Model E
  • Model F
  • Model G
  • Model H
  • Model I
  • Model J
  • Model K
  • Model L
  • Model M
Gray Vinyl White Tan Stucco Oak Red Wood Brick Stone
  • Style 01
  • Style 02
  • Style 03
  • Style 04
  • Style 05
  • Style 06
  • Style 07
  • Style 08
  • Style 09
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