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Large Custom Clocks Beautify Spaces

Large Custom Clocks Beautify Spaces

Large Custom Clocks Beautify Spaces

Large clocks have been the focal point for public and private spaces for centuries. Think of the European town square with its clock tower or the old train station with multiple clocks for multiple time zones. Americlock is proud to continue the tradition with custom clocks built to your specification.

Large Custom Clocks

At Americlock, we love to give you options. We can build large clocks ranging from 3 feet to 50 feet in diameter in a variety of styles, including the following:

  • Wall clocks and tower clocks     
  • Canister clocks
  • Skeleton dial clocks
  • Bracket clocks
  • Monumental clocks
  • Floral and botanical garden clocks
  • Marker and silhouette clocks
  • Cupola clocks

If you don’t see the type of clock you want listed here, talk to us. We can do amazing things in unconventional settings.

In addition to the style of the clock, you can choose the dials, hands, and numerals you desire. You also have material options including stainless steel, reinforced aluminum, and wood.

Installation and Service

As large custom clocks can be a bit tricky, we offer installation services using fully-insured installers. We can also provide installation advice and consultation to your contractors. If your large clock needs service, we have the pros on hand to perform any repairs your clock may need. We can schedule regular maintenance to ensure your clock is always running in top condition.

We can even restore large clocks. If you have a historic clock in bad repair, or you’d like us to restore and refurbish one of our earlier installations, let us know. We take care of our custom clocks in perpetuity and stand behind their workmanship.

Whether you’d like a large clock for a shopping mall, university, church, or town hall, Americlock can design the right clock for you. Talk to us today about your plans.


Custom Clocks for Your Business

When you need to make a bold statement with your property and provide an attractive timepiece for the surrounding area, you can have a custom clock installed at your location. Steeple and church clocks are hallmarks of Northeastern towns in the United States and worldwide. Wall and tower clocks are complex devices that require experienced professionals to install and maintain them. At Americlock, we design, manufacture and install custom clocks and bells, and our famous timepieces can be found on every continent except Antarctica.

Wall and Tower Clocks

Whether you’re considering a modern or traditional design, you can choose to install a large custom clock that ranges from 3 feet to 50 feet in diameter. Tower clocks are often seen in retail outlets, universities, government buildings, churches, chapels, office buildings and even residential properties. When working with Americlock, you can choose from several custom designs, including skeleton clocks, floral clocks, canister clocks, bracket clocks and cell tower clocks.

Custom Dials

If you want to personalize your clock with a company logo or emblem, you can collaborate with Americlock to design a clock dial that fits your business. You can choose from various types of hands, numerals, and dials, and you have the option to add a programmable controller that adjusts the clock for daylight savings time.

Other Services

Custom clocks are only one of Americlock’s specialties. Our skilled technicians can also restore historical clocks and repair or refurbish church bells. If you already have bells on your property, we can install an automated system for carillons and cast bells.

Another unique service we offer is botanical clock installation. Botanical clocks are attractive timepieces that serve as centerpieces for large gathering areas and public parks. When you need a reliable and experienced company to install or repair a tower clock or bell system, you can rely on Americlock. Contact us today for a quote.

Special Spaces With Custom Clocks

Large custom clocks make a statement. They can serve an important function in locations such as city squares or train terminals. They can add stunning decorative detail in hotel lobbies and clubs. Whatever the use, custom clocks from Americlock are quality fixtures you will be proud of for years to come.

The Choice is Yours

We can build large clocks that range from three feet to 50 feet in diameter. You choose what type of installation you’d like in your space and we’ll create the clock. Some examples include:

  • Tower clocks. We can design the clock and the tower or add a clock to a pre-existing tower.
  • Floral clocks. Popular in botanical gardens, theme parks, and town roundabouts, you can choose seasonal plantings or maintenance-free perennials.
  • Monumental clocks. These are typically installed at the top of a tower or building, such as a city hall or church.
  • Bracket clocks. Also known as projecting clocks, you may install these clocks on the corners of business buildings.
  • Marker clocks. For a modern look, there is no clock face. Instead, there are bars or dots to indicate the time.

The Craftsmanship is Ours

You can trust your large custom clock to Americlock. We have years of experience designing and building clocks for just about every purpose. We are with you every step of the way, from conception to installation. We have installed large clocks in a variety of applications, such as:

  • Retail outlets and shopping malls
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Basilicas and churches
  • Government buildings and state offices
  • Office buildings and business headquarters
  • Personal residences

We can either perform the installation ourselves or consult with and guide your building contractor through the installation process.

Are you ready to make your space special with a custom clock? Contact Americlock today to share with us your vision.

Beautify Your Space With a Large Custom Clock

Clocks in towers, church steeples, and on the exterior of civic buildings have long been an American tradition. Adding a clock to your wall or tower is an excellent way to contribute to the public landscape. Americlock specializes in the design and construction of custom clocks for a variety of purposes.

Our Custom Clock Designs

We can craft modern or traditional large clocks that range in diameter from three to 50 feet. We can build a wide assortment of styles, such as:

  • Cupola clocks
  • Bracket clocks
  • Cell tower clocks
  • Floral clocks
  • Monumental clocks
  • Canister clocks
  • Wall clocks

If you have ideas of your own that you would to be realized, talk to us. We are able to create custom clocks to meet a variety of specific applications.

You can also choose what type of hands, numbers, and dials you would like for your clock. We can even construct marker-only designs that are installed directly onto surfaces such as wood or brick.

Our Clock Installations

Where would you like your large clock installed? We have experience with installations in universities, malls, government buildings, chapels, schools, homes, and more. Outdoors or indoors, we can install your clock safely and securely. With the help of our technicians, you can have programmed controllers that adjust your clock for events such as power loss or daylight savings time.

If you are working with a contractor to build a clock tower, steeple, or other structure, we can work with that contractor. We can either perform the clock installation ourselves or consult with your contractor to ensure the work is done correctly. The choice is yours.

Our Expertise

Americlocks specializes in large clocks.  You can trust us to handle your custom clock order and installation with professional care. Talk to us about your plans today!






Custom Clocks Add Class

Is there any public or private space that is not enhanced by a stunning large clock? Think about town centers, universities, and government buildings with their custom clocks. Each installation plays an important role in the fabric of the community.

Custom Clock Traditions

Steeple and church clocks have been a part of our landscape for centuries. In more recent decades, other businesses have been installing large clocks as well, such as banks and schools. In every case, custom clocks add value to the location. They can become a central focus point for a community.

Americlock has been building and installing large clocks for years. We have the experience and skills you want for your plans. We can build a huge variety of clock styles, such as:

  • Floral and botanical garden clocks
  • Cupola clocks
  • Marker and silhouette clocks
  • Monumental clocks
  • Canister clocks
  • Wall and tower clocks
  • Bracket clocks

Custom Clock Options

We want you to get the clock you want. Share your ideas with us and we’ll work together to make it happen. We have built custom clocks for locations around the world, including:

  • Shopping malls
  • Corporate headquarters
  • Universities and colleges
  • Chapels and basilicas
  • Schools
  • Government buildings
  • Personal residences

You can choose your dials, numerals, hands, and marker-only faces. We can work with metal, wood, or brick substrates. Indoor or outdoor, it’s all up to you. Our job is to deliver the clock you want.

If you are building a new structure for your clock and want your contractors to install it, we can assist them. We will work with your builders to ensure the clock is safe and secure in its new location.

Are you ready to get started? Email, call or visit us in person with your questions. We are happy to take a look at your plans and make them a reality.










The Best Custom Clocks for Public Spaces

Whether you want to provide a large clock for the public’s convenience or distinguish your business, custom clocks are a great option for any type of public-facing space. Americlock offers detailed customization well as installation and repair services to take the stress off your shoulders. Check out these ideas when deciding on the appropriate style for your property.

Wall and Tower Clocks

Wall and tower clocks are a great option for a highly visible timepiece. There are multiple variations that you can choose from, such as recessed mount, surface mount and flush mount wall clocks. A recessed mount clock is embedded in the wall’s surface, giving it a three-dimensional look. On the other hand, the dial of a surface mount version is attached directly to the wall, a minimalistic approach requiring only one hole in the surface.

Bracket Clocks

Bracket clocks are perfect for placements on the sides of buildings. They offer multiple clock faces that people can view from any angle. There are many different versions, such as sidewall, corner, pedestal and suspended bracket clocks. With Americlock’s suite of customization options, you can have a custom dial and design to fit your business’s style.

Marker and Silhouette Custom Clocks

If you desire a modern and elegant timepiece for your business, then marker and silhouette clocks are a good choice. Rather than having a clock face, instead, the markers are attached directly to the wall. Halo-lit markers, for example, are LED-illuminated, casting an outline under each time marker. This illumination allows for easy visibility at night.

Whether you want a wall or marker clock or an option from the rest of the suite of custom clocks, Americlock has you covered with an experienced and expert-led team. Reach out today to get a quote.








Custom Clocks Enhance Public Spaces

Large custom clocks are a part of the fabric of our towns and cities. They serve multiple public functions, including beautifying a space, standing as a memorial, and providing the time. If you want to enhance your space with a large clock, let Americlock assist you. Americlock is the premier company for custom clock design and services.

Design Options

If you can imagine it, chances are we can build it. There are countless design options available to meet almost any need. Custom clock designs include:

  • Canister Clocks: These are also called drum clocks. They contain all the clock movements within the clock itself, making them a good choice for installations with limited access to the clock.
  • Skeleton Dial Clocks: This is a clock face where only the frame, markers, and numerals are shown. The rest of the face is cut out.
  • Bracket or Projecting Clocks: Typically installed on the corners of buildings, these clocks often have multiple faces.
  • Floral Clocks: You’ve probably seen these in a botanical garden or two. We can install landscape clocks that range up to 40 feet in diameter.
  • Cupola Clocks: These clocks are installed in cupola turrets. They can have one to four faces and may have a bell system built-in.
  • Marker and Silhouette Clocks: There is no clock face here. The numerals are installed directly onto the wall surface.


Americlock will walk you through every step of the process, from concept to design to installation. If you are building a new structure and would like your contractors to install the clock, we will work with them to ensure a seamless operation. In addition, we service the clocks we build. Whether it’s routine maintenance, restoration, or repairs, Americlock has the skilled technicians to keep your clock running well.

Talk to Americlock today to begin building your custom clock.

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