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Penn Station, New York Feature Clock

By Americlock -

The next time you’re running to catch a train in New York City’s Penn Station, look up.

Penn Station New York Feature Clock

You’ll be checking the time on a grand clock with hometown St. Louis origins. The Governor of New York and the Empire State Development Corporation sponsored a competition for a new clock to hang in the new train station called Moynihan Train Hall, across from Madison Square Garden. Each submission was carefully devised with aesthetics, budget, size and delivery in mind. The winning firm was Peter Pennoyer Architects (PPA) with a beautiful design based on Art Deco concepts. PPA contacted St. Louis’ own Americlock be a part of the manufacturing of this notable clock.

We were thrilled to be an important player in this process that began with shop drawings shared with Hyde Park Moldings in New York City. They cast the outer shell from plaster. Its frame is made of 3×3 steel square tubing fully welded for support and 5/8″ fire rated plywood. The finished product features clock faces of clear polycarbonate with an aged vinyl overlay. LED lights illuminate the inside of the clock for better visibility at night with wall-to-wall LED screens that light up the station as well. The clock will update for daylight savings and power outages automatically so travelers are always on time.

Penn Station NY Clock -SuspendedAmericlock built this signature historic timepiece right here in St. Louis.

Even our own company truck hauled the clock to Hyde Park Moldings in Long Island, New York for pre-installation finish-work.

An aluminum frame had to be built in order to roll the clock into the already built station. The frame had to be lightweight but strong enough to support this 4,000 pound clock. The clock was brought into the station on a custom-built steel cart, and a large gantry was set in place to lift the clock over a railing and lower the clock on the ground floor.  The clock was then rolled into place, unpacked, and rotated upright to start its journey up to the cables.

Each cable that holds the Moynihan Train Hall Clock is 1” thick stainless steel and capable of supporting 53,000 pounds. The cables were installed one by one using an atrium lift. The clock was attached using a chain hoist. It took three men about two full hours to raise the clock into place. With our tenacity and experience, installation was completed by 2am- ahead of the opening of the station.

A large and memorable clock can be a stunning addition to your construction project. Here at Americlock, we specialize in the design and manufacturing of bells and large custom clocks for towers and walls. Our services are available nationally and internationally.

Your design vision and our expertise will combine to make a unique and quality product to center your location. It’s time to call Americlock at (800) 666-1221.

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