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Use Your Imagination To Create Large Custom Clocks That Are Unforgettable

By Americlock -

As part of the cultural landscape, large custom clocks can become landmarks that hold significant memories for people. Experts in large clock design at AmeriClock know the importance that these treasured relics can hold. If you are considering a large clock for your lobby or building face, here are some things you may want to know before you get started.

What Are Some Different Types of Public Clocks?

Tower clocks are likely the most prominent type of time device that comes to mind when thinking of clocks in public spaces. However, they are not the only type of public clock. A clock can be created in a garden using different flowers to help define the sections. These are generally referred to as botanical garden clocks. A clock may be installed on a cupola or on an arch. A large custom clock inside a shopping mall or airport or office building lobby is also a public clock.

Where Can Custom Clocks Be Installed?

Even if you don’t have a tower or a cupola on your building, you likely have an excellent space to install a large custom clock. You may want to put a bracket clock on the outside of your building. If you are leasing your building, you may want to have a clock added to your lobby or located above an elevator. Whether you go with a 3′ or 30′ clock, you can have a large custom clock installed anywhere you have the space.

Can Large Clocks Be Customized?

Customization of your clocks will make them truly memorable. Whether you want your clock housed in a birdhouse in the garden or a large globe hanging from the ceiling (or both), if you can conceive it, you can likely have it created. Work with AmeriClock to determine the sizes you prefer and the materials you want used to create the impression you are after.

No matter what type of large clock you want, you can have it designed and installed right where you want it. Get started designing your custom clocks with Americlock today.

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