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Factors To Consider When Purchasing Custom Clocks

By Americlock -

One aspect of building design that many people don’t think about is the elements that make up the practical decor. Clocks often adorn the exterior walls of office buildings, retail centers, hotels, the tops of towers and installations in courtyards. There are several factors to consider when ordering custom clocks.


The main information you want to bring to your consultation with the designer is how big you want the clock to be. Whether is it a wall clock in your office lobby or the timepiece at the top of a tower, you need to choose features that work well within the dimensions of the clock. How far do you want the clock to be seen?


There are many different options for large custom clocks. Start by talking to your designer about the overall style, and then he or she can direct you to specific features that fit within that overall design. Because it’s important that your clock be visible at all times, you want to consider lighting choices as well. If your clock is going to be located outside, you should choose LED lights, as they work in all types of weather.


At some point, you may need to reset the clock. For example, if you have a power outage, anything that runs on electricity may need to be restarted. Americlock controllers reset automatically for daylight savings and power outages. Do you want this to be placed in an electrical closet or at the base of the tower? Designers and architects can advise you on where to place this control system.


Americlock can create a custom piece that is able to withstand the wear and tear expected in your chosen location. Americlock will be able to explain how the material used in building the clock work to keep it running. Americlock has a team that can install the clock once it’s complete or you can use your own contractor. That way, the same company that builds it can make sure it is properly mounted and set up. This also makes any necessary maintenance more convenient. Access to clocks after they are installed can be difficult but talking to us during your design build can eliminate certain factors of access.

During your next building project, you may need to add large custom clocks to the final design. Contact Americlock to get a fast quote for your specific project.

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