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Custom Clocks For Your Business

By Americlock -

When you need to make a bold statement with your property and provide an attractive timepiece for the surrounding area, you can have a custom clock installed at your location. Steeple and church clocks are hallmarks of Northeastern towns in the United States and worldwide. Wall and tower clocks are complex devices that require experienced professionals to install and maintain them. At Americlock, we design, manufacture and install custom clocks and bells, and our famous timepieces can be found on every continent except Antarctica.

Wall and Tower Clocks

Whether you’re considering a modern or traditional design, you can choose to install a large custom clock that ranges from 3 feet to 50 feet in diameter. Tower clocks are often seen in retail outlets, universities, government buildings, churches, chapels, office buildings and even residential properties. When working with Americlock, you can choose from several custom designs, including skeleton clocks, floral clocks, canister clocks, bracket clocks and cell tower clocks.

Custom Dials

If you want to personalize your clock with a company logo or emblem, you can collaborate with Americlock to design a clock dial that fits your business. You can choose from various types of hands, numerals, and dials, and you have the option to add a programmable controller that adjusts the clock for daylight savings time.

Other Services

Custom clocks are only one of Americlock’s specialties. Our skilled technicians can also restore historical clocks and repair or refurbish church bells. If you already have bells on your property, we can install an automated system for carillons and cast bells.

Another unique service we offer is botanical clock installation. Botanical clocks are attractive timepieces that serve as centerpieces for large gathering areas and public parks. When you need a reliable and experienced company to install or repair a tower clock or bell system, you can rely on Americlock. Contact us today for a quote.


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